Video Production, Cambridge MA

Green Lens Media is a Boston video production house, producing video for companies and organizations, original films, and conducting filmmaking workshops. Our primary clients are in real-estate, insurance, progressive technology, academia, and the environmental industry, though many outside these industries choose to work with us when they learn of our attention to detail, quality concern, customer care, and creativity.

Getting Started

Behind The Scenes of a GLM Video Production

What We Can Do For You At Green Lens

Custom Video Production

Whether you know exactly what you want, wish to brainstorm with us, or would rather leave the vision entirely to GLM, we have the expertise, means, and crew to deliver compelling ideas and presentations. These projects allow our full resources and abilities, so we can create for you a result that is the perfect balance of your objectives and budget.

Real Estate Video Production

Real Estate Video has evolved and professionals are not only promoting their properties and real estate related services, they are also promoting themselves.  Professionals realize the power of video and Green Lens Media has found themselves involved in numerous productions within the industry.

GLM Originals

In addition to serving our clients, GLM produces its own original works as well. From biographicals, to events, to short and feature films, we got into the filmmaking business for one reason: we LOVE it. If you’re interested in joining the next team on an original endeavor, just let us know.


Learn how to write, shoot, audio record, light, edit, or take a comprehensive workshop to cover them all. Both our Filmmersive® Workshop Series (groups), and our custom 1-on-1 training, will get you up to speed with what you need to tell compelling, high-quality stories through hands-on technical practice, given by in-the-field experts.