Filmmersive Workshops Series

Final Cut Pro X Editing

Our Final Cut Pro X Editing Filmmersive Workshop, taught by an Apple Certified Trainer, gets you up to speed on Apple’s professional video editing software.

Content matters. What you don’t show is just as important as what you do show, which is just as important as how you show it. When you are faced with a big edit assignment, effective organization techniques can make all the difference. Small processes during editing can be the difference of racecar fast editing or caveman slow. And perhaps most critically, WHY should you take certain edit actions over others?

If these are questions you’ve asked yourself, and you want to better grasp the concepts, tools, and tricks of editing video with confidence and polish, this workshop is your ticket to higher view counts and higher praise.


In the words of Mufasa, everything the light touches is our kingdom…except that shadowy area. Corporate lighting, cinematic lighting, natural lighting, mood lighting; if you find yourself saying, “Yeah, whatever,” you need to take this workshop.

Light matters. You could own the latest and greatest gear, but without knowing what you are doing, they’re just expensive bulbs. By reviewing examples and participating in real world setups with us, by getting your hands on the lights yourself, you’ll start to understand fundamentals, then gradually build skills to use in more complex situations. You could spend $250 on Home Depot lighting hardware, and be better off than the guy with all the toys but little of the knowhow.

The key takeaway is that light is not the easiest thing to handle, but you can learn to shape it, bend it, block it, and illuminate it to match the look you or your director wants. Whether for interviews, dramatic scenes, or an artistic accent, we’ll discuss time management techniques for quick lighting setups, how to optimize a setup you can take your time on, and how to light your kingdom just the way you want it.