Video Head Shots-Frequently Asked Questions

How can my Video Head Shot be used?

There are many outlets you can use with your Video Head Shot: in your email signature, your LinkedIn profile, your Facebook page, your website, as an introduction before a public event or speaking engagement, at trade shows, displayed in your office, and truly anywhere that video can be seen. It is designed to accelerate people’s trust in YOU.

What is B-roll?

For videos and movies, “B-roll” signifies additional media (footage, graphics, photos, animation, etc.) that appears interwoven over the main shot. For example, in a Video Head Shot for a piano teacher, the “main shot” is the shot of them speaking to the camera. The B-roll would be cut away shots showing them instructing a student in a music room, performing on stage, or various other activities in line with the content they are saying. These visuals are shown while we continue to hear the piano teacher speak.

What does “edit-ready” B-Roll mean?

Edit-ready means your submitted clips don’t need excessive amounts of time to integrate into your video. Items that could deem a clip not edit-ready, and would influence the edit time involved, would include sifting through too many B-roll choices, being asked to blur faces or other identifying items in shots, unusually intensive color correction, cropping, extreme shake-correction, or file format conversion.

How can I make my own B-roll?

If you would like to capture your B-roll yourself (as opposed to our professional B-roll shooting services), we recommend a coworker or family member use your phone camera (HD preferred) and film you at your desk working, shaking hands with people, on the phone, socializing with family (if relevant), etc. Those are great examples of typical B-roll we could then set into your Video Head Shot. If you have a better camera to capture this with, that is more encouraged than using your phone. Also, think more about your visuals, and less so about the audio since any attached audio will likely be ignored for B-roll purposes.

I have B-roll! How do I get it to GLM?

Once you sign up for the Video Head Shot, we will provide you with an instructional sheet for how to transfer your B-roll media from a phone or camera card to a USB thumb drive (we provide this thumb drive to you). Our thumb drives are both PC and Mac compatible. Bring the thumb drive with the B-roll to your Video Head Shot shoot, and we’ll take it from there.

Why do I need a Video Head Shot? Can’t I do everything on my phone camera?

While phone cameras have come a long way and have many capabilities, when it comes to you branding you want your image and sound to be as representative of your professionalism as you can make it. Aside from using technically higher grade equipment (camera, lights, and sound) which most viewers prefer, with GLM you will gain a team of people experienced in drawing out the best performance from you, which is harder to do on your own. Sounds for example, is a real turn off for viewers when it is poorly recorded. All this said, if you are committed to wanting to produce videos yourself with a phone camera, ask us about our 1-on-1 training so you can achieve the highest quality possible using consumer equipment.

How often do you run Group Shoots?

Currently we offer Group Shoots every two weeks (the day can vary). When volume is higher we may schedule Group Shoot days more frequently, and we may schedule less frequently when inquiries are lower or when we have other production schedules to juggle. If you find scheduling tricky we encourage you to either find 2 or more friends and we will streamline scheduling a new shoot day for your group, or you might want to consider our Spotlight Shoot package which does not require a group at all.

If I want to write my own script, how do I approach that?

With any of our Video Head Shot packages we will send you a guide addressing this (and many other procedural questions) once you sign up.

If I want help writing my script, how does that work?

If after signing up for a Video Head Shot you have hit writer’s block, get in touch with us to schedule a scriptwriting session (billed hourly), and we’ll help you get it done, or if you’d prefer, we can even assume all writing duties after an initial chat with you for a few minutes. These discussions are typically done on the phone, though we can also work with you in person, over skype, or even email. The documents we send after you sign up will include more information about the writing service and its costs.

What are my music options?

We utilize an extensive library of various licensed music in many different styles. If the track we put to your video will not work for you, we can suggest alternate options. If those are still not to your liking, we can secure alternate licensed tracks for an add-on cost, depending on the music source.

What if I’m camera shy?

This is a common one. Part of the advantage of getting your video from our easy-going reps is that we are used to this concern, and have many techniques and coaching methods to make sure both your experience and end-product feel and look good.

What if it takes longer than 60 seconds to read my script?

If you can’t cut the script down, we can film you for a longer period or edit you a longer video, and would invoice you for any shooting and editing Add-On costs depending on the extra time / activity required.

How long is the turn-around time?

Turn-around times depend on our current project schedules, but can be anywhere from same-day to 2 weeks from the shoot, the average being about 3-5 days (not including physical shipments).

What if I’m in a profession that cares about compliance, or other legal matters?

Our team has experience navigating compliance for Financial Planners/Advisors, Lawyers, Loan Officers, Realtors, and various other regulated professions where this is a concern. If you would like to work with a video company that is familiar with this as a terrain, that recognizes it as a sensitive and critical step, you will be in good hands.

How does payment work?

Checks are most common, and should be paid in full prior to shooting or any pre-production work. Should you decide to upgrade or add-on items there would be an invoice sent to you to be paid via check prior to final delivery. We can accept certain credit cards, though there could be an added cost for transaction fees and/or delays due to related security protocols.

I purchased a 60 second package, but my video edit is longer. What is the cost difference?

As long as your video doesn’t take longer to edit than we otherwise would have spent working on your video, the cost is the same, and your video could wind up longer without any extra fee. We may need to add extra edit time if your shoot or edit requests alter our usual package. Your Video Head Shot can be longer than the default 30 or 60 seconds, however any videos that exceed a 3 minute running time may be subject to custom production guidelines and/or rates.

I purchased a 60 second package, but my video edit is shorter. Do I get a refund?

The 60 second package contains additional features beyond just the running time when compared to the 30 second package. By signing up for a 60 second package, you gain all of these benefits but do not need to stay locked at 60 seconds; you could have us create a 50, 45, 30, heck even a 10 second video — all will be covered under the 60 second package. For example, purchasing a 60 second package would enable you to have a 30 second Video Head Shot, and include with it B-roll and/or music (not covered under the 30 second package by default). We do not issue refunds.

Can I have a Video Head Shot Shoot at a location I choose, like my office, home or elsewhere?

Yes! For either a Spotlight or Group Shoot, if coming to our studio is too difficult, or you would prefer your office or other shooting location instead of a white background as a backdrop, we can schedule an On-Location Video Head Shot Shoot. Prices are determined by the number of people we’re creating Video Head Shots for at the location, where the physical location is (and if permits are necessary), any supplemental equipment required, desired timeline for shoot and final delivery, crew needed, and other miscellaneous expenses relevant to shoots we travel to.

We will get your cost total as close to our in-studio rates as possible, and if we can bundle in extra deliverables or production value to take full advantage of a crew being at your location, we will share those enhancement opportunities and ideas with you.