The Company

2009 was a tough year for a lot of businesses. Some lost clients, some lost staff, some lost their whole company. For Green Lens Media, however, it was just the beginning. While others were scaling back, GLM was launching.

I had conducted my DBA film company for 3 years. It focused on making heritage and legacy type films for families, and while those who bought found them invaluable heirlooms worth every penny, they were time consuming to produce when doing a good job, and certainly were an investment for the buyer. When the economy went “pbblt,” it became even harder to find clients to sign up.

I looked at the trajectory of the ever-evolving and unpredictable digital filmmaking landscape. I considered the state of the American economy, desperate for new sustainable business to reboot the nation. I kept returning to my personal desires to improve the world, as cliche as it sounded–especially on the environmental front. I’d never thought myself a “tree-hugger,” but it became quite clear I wanted to do something of substance with my life. Something that utilized my passions and skills I had built in the film industry. Something that was greatly needed and could become a sustainable business model, and one I would get up in the morning excited to work for.

And so the company reassessed, recalibrated, rebranded, and Green Lens Media, LLC was born: a company rooted in creative filmmaking, social-conscious thinking, and founded with an ambition to give a voice to businesses through quality, memorable storytelling–especially (though not exclusively) to the environmental and progressive technology sector.

GLM has three focuses:
1) Create solid, engaging, compelling corporate videography for individuals, small and large businesses
2) Conduct outstanding group training workshops and 1-on-1 sessions in the practice and art of filmmaking, in all its varied areas
3) Conceive of and produce original content outside of our clientele work

I have had the opportunity through GLM over the years to work for some fantastic people on some amazing products and services. I’ve likewise been privileged to work with a variety of highly skilled, reliable, and creative crew members. Above all the gadgetry and gizmos, GLM prides itself on putting teams of the right people first, both behind the lens and in front, knowing that it is those people that not only execute, but come up with the great ideas that lead to our client’s videos succeeding.

At heart, we are a company that believes in doing whatever it takes to tell a good story, be on message, and connect with the right audience in the right way. We have a track record of this. We embrace the challenges, and discover how to make it all work in the end, and work well.

We work tirelessly to help our clients film, focus, and grow by inventively telling stories through video.

We look forward to telling yours.

Adam N. Greene