Production Testimonials

Written Testimonial Videos – $20/video   OR   $15/video for order of 7 or more

So you delivered your product or service to your patient, client, or customer, and they’ve rewarded you with a glowing review! Now you want to make sure that everybody else knows exactly what that person thinks of your amazing work. One of the best ways to bring these testimonials to life and engage potential clients is to spin their written review into a video presentation.

Video has become the preferred method of consumers to garner information regarding a product or service they may be interested in purchasing.

In response to multiple inquiries regarding our video testimonials, Green Lens Media has produced a service that offers you the ability to present your positive customer feedback using the impact of video. We wondered: How could a business with lots of positive customer feedback leverage their existing written reviews through video to enhance search engine optimization (SEO) and visibility on social media?

And so the “Written Testimonial Video” was born.

The great part about it is this: Creating simple videos out of customer comments makes the content more dynamic for viewers, while also providing a great boost to online visibility, thanks to Google’s preference for video over text.

For samples of testimonial videos featuring people on camera, click this link