Training Testimonials

The hour pre-interview was obviously put to good use in having the faculty understand me and my needs, and tailoring the content. I would definitely come back for other classes…I thought this was priced fairly, and targeted very, very well through your process. Thank you very much for your dedication to making this a high-value experience for me.”

Tom A, Multimedia Editor/Producer

Adam! I loved your class!! Hopefully, our paths will cross again soon. THANKS!”

Katie H., Senior Video Producer

Thank you for the follow up with the links, and for teaching a great class. I definitely felt like I got a lot out of it, and look forward to working towards learning the program better in the coming months.”

James M., Update Anchor
WBZ-AM/FM / CBS Radio Boston / Sports Hub

Thanks again – the class was informative and fun. Well worth it.”

Christopher I., Video/News Coordinator
Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

Tom and I wanted to say thank you again for the class. I think we really learned a lot and will be in good shape when we do switch over to FCP.”

Steven S., Producer

Instructor has real world experience, which added greatly to the class. Also brought in supplemental materials which enriched the experience. Receptive to a broad spectrum of questions, which was appreciated. All in all, excellent instructor.”

David T., Owner

Thank you again for a fantastic workshop. You have a gift for teaching.”

Karen R., Communications Professor
Central Connecticut State College

I really enjoy the class, I thought you did a great job with the materials. I used to hate working on FCPro, but now I am looking forward to cut on show with it.”

Hamilton J., Editor

Thanks again for your help this week. Happy to say that I passed the test!”

Bruce S., Associate Professor
Syracuse University

Adam is an outstanding instructor and presents the material in a very clear way. He’s able to evaluate student comprehension and adjust the presentation to accommodate all levels of learning in the class without holding down the advanced students. Very good job!”

Robert P.

Very clear instruction, very well-prepared, lots and lots of very useful information.”

Ann S.

The instructor was very knowledgeable. He is an outstanding teacher, and he had the skills to present [the information] in a way that was easy to understand. He was the best instructor that I had in my years of computer training.”

Sue B., Teacher
Newton North High School

Very well spoken, very well versed in all aspects of the program. Very helpful and had patience. A very different teaching style from the previous instructor I had. Adam was excellent in making a point of showing the key shortcut I was not aware of and the menus I was not aware were there. The program is very complex I realize, but Adam brought so much clarity for me in using the program. Adam was a prize instructor for the course. I have thoroughly enjoyed all of the instructors in the past, but Adam had his own particular style of instruction, which worked very well for me in the class. He was always open to answer questions at anytime and help anyone that was a step behind in a lesson. There was plenty of time for all of us to work on the lessons planned for the days in class. I even came back early from the lunch break one day so I could go through a section again. Adam was good enough to give us some of us in the class individualized time in areas where we need it just a little more clarification. I can’t say enough about my good experience. See you for the next course!”

David C., Manager of Multimedia Productions
A. W. Chesterton Company

Amazing instructor. Adam gave lessons from the text but took the time to introduce us to up and coming related updates and visual examples. He is the best teacher I have had, out of all of my professors from undergraduate and graduate level courses.”

Kari P., Teacher in Radio and Television
Lynn Vocational Technical Institute

This course was great. I learned so much more than I expected. And the instructor was very patient, and knowledgeable, about Final Cut Pro and more.”

Howard P., Dir. of Photography

I normally don’t give all fives but this class was outstanding. Adam is an excellent instructor who knows the materials like the back of his hand. I highly recommend this course to anyone. [Adam,] Thank you for the followup information, I will be sure to use it! I really can’t say enough positive things about the class you taught earlier this week. I have given glowing reviews of both you as an instructor and the class itself to everyone here. As for Final Cut itself, I truly fell in love with this program, it’s capabilities and I can’t wait to start using it. (I installed it last week). Just wanted to thank you for basically being so great at your job. I have taken many classes (none in Final Cut), and not one of them could compare to this one – in professionalism, effectiveness and information.”

Rachel F.
Nordson EFD, Inc

Thanks for the tips and thoughts, a huge help. I have already encountered two-three projects at work where FCP is coming in very handy. And thanks to you personally for a wonderful class. It was really fun and remarkably interesting, and you for sure you were prepped and ready with lots of info but also great know-how for us all. Great, great, job and it was a real pleasure.”

Pam P., Managing Director / Producer
Boston 4 Productions

I thought your class was excellent!”

Bruce C., System Analyst
Maine Medical Center

Thanks again Adam, the class was invaluable, day 1 helped me to review my concerns with my knowledge, day 2 taught me the necessity of workflow shortcuts that will prove to be invaluable and day 3 covered features I haven’t dealt with yet.”

Bryan K., Owner
Bureau North

Thanks again for doing a great job in giving us a concise overview of the FCP, it is a formidable task.”

Cris B., Technical Resource Consultant
MAPEI Corporation

Class was great. Chomping at the bit to get an edit session going.”

Charles F., President
Field Communications Associates, Inc.

Final Cut is fantastic editing software and I am excited to integrate it more into my job and outside of that. Given the features and tips that you showed us, I would love to eventually convert to it full time. I did a test project (a simple personal photo/some video essay – light and fluffy) and it was fun to try out all the different features, though I still feel I have a lot to learn…Thank you again for the great instruction.”

Liz H., Editor / Producer
Fields of Vision

LOVED the class… and have been going through the book again in order to prepare for my exam. I truly learned a great deal in class…. and with each lesson I go through on my own, I’m reminded about how much I learned from you during class.”

John M., Actor and Voiceover